Woman to Woman: Black Women's Fatigue

Black women carry the stress of race and gender based challenges throughout our lives. The stress of being "the only one", having less access to career mentors, sponsors or company leaders, and being 3X more likely to be devalued for our contributions is a weight too heavy to carry alone. We suffer from the "Super Woman" effect, trying to solve everyone's problems at the expense of our own health and well-being. And with the pandemic, recession, the murder of George Floyd (and others) and the eventual outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, we are working overtime to uplift ourselves and our colleagues.

This is an outlet for Black women to build community and combat the challenges that add to our mental, physical and emotional stress. We have three accomplished coaches/ psychologists to help us address Black Women's fatigue.

We encourage RSVP's to allow us to monitor attendance and support technology bandwidth. We will be holding sessions the second Friday of each month focusing on the varied experiences and stories of Black women.