Woman to Woman: Jubilee - Embracing Black Joy and Happiness

Joy and freedom are two concepts that have been a constant element that Black women have had to battle for both in their personal lives and at work. From having to demand freedom to wear our hair as it naturally grows from our heads, to navigating the perceived necessity to code-switch in order to be palatable with non-Black colleagues. It seems as if the validity of our existence is constantly up for review.Join our co-hosts, Tope Ajala and Candace Queen in a contemplative session where we’ll explore the concept of happiness with certified happiness expert, Rochelle Gapere and dive into Black Joy with Elisha Greenwell, the founder of the Black Joy parade in Oakland, CA. This session will serve as a forum to discuss what Black Joy and happiness means to us, the importance of ensuring we’re in pursuit of it, and how to maintain it, especially in challenging times, to maintain our internal liberation.